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Join us for a Multi-Discipline High Performance Symposium

The Saskatchewan Horse Federation is holding a multi-discipline High Performance Symposium at Ebon Stables in Saskatoon, June 21st to 24th.  The weekend will feature a Hunter/Jumper clinic with Chris Surbey, and a dressage clinic with Tom Dvorak. In addition to 3 days of riding, the clinic will include unmounted sessions on athlete mental prepadness, athlete wellness, and equine health. 



CFIA Releases Proposed National Equine Infectious Anemia Disease Control Program

In response to a recent release from CFIA, the SHF encourages you to register your points of concern or support for the recently released proposal for a National EIA Disease Control Program.



Are You Road Ready?

Spring is bound to arrive, and with the summer months comes travel to the events we look forward to all year. Horse shows, rodeos, trail rides, clinics and other equine adventures often require travel – but are you prepared? Annual professional maintenance for both truck and trailer are the first place to start, but there are other things you should be thinking about



Changes to Use of Medically Important Antimicrobials

Health Canada, as of December 1, 2018, is making changes to the dispensing of all Medically Important Antimicrobials (MIAs). From that date onward, products containing antibiotics will require a prescription from a veterinarian, and can only be dispensed by a veterinarian, or licensed pharmacist. Health Canada is making these changes to aid in protecting human health by reducing the factors to the nationwide incidents of drug resistant organisms.

How does this affect horse owners and animal welfare?  Horse owners may have been in the habit of obtaining products containing antibiotics at feed stores or tack shops, rather than through their veterinarian.  They may also have imported products containing antibiotics for their own use from the US, or from online pharmacies in the past.  These options will no longer be available.  Those without a veterinarian, with whom they have a valid client-patient-relationship, will not be able to access products that contain antibiotics without a prescription.  Horse owners in remote areas may have greater difficulty obtaining products containing antibiotics.