SHF Board Member and Past President Doug Howe was inducted into the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame for 2018.

Passionate about breeding and marketing cattle, Doug Howe has been instrumental in developing the Charolais and Red Angus cattle breeds in Saskatchewan.

Doug’s dedication to the Charolais breed has led him to positions with Saskatchewan Charolais and the Canadian Charolais Board. In 1984, he became the first national president from Saskatchewan. That same year, his operation, White Cap Charolais, was named Charolais Breeder of the Year.

The success of White Cap Charolais was honoured again by the Canadian Charolais Association in 2009 with a 40-year plaque acknowledging Doug’s work to further the breed. He is the recipient of Honour Scrolls from both the Saskatchewan Charolais Association and the Canadian Charolais Association.

Doug’s dedication to cattle breeding is not limited to one breed. In 1988, he expanded his operation to include Red Angus females, and immersed himself in the promotion and development of the breed. With the female Red Angus, Doug developed Howe Red Angus, a name that is now recognized in both the seedstock and commercial sectors. Howe Red Angus live cattle, embryos and semen are not only marketed throughout Canada, but also in the United States and Australia. In 2011, he was recognized for his contributions with a Saskatchewan Livestock Association Scroll of Honour.

Doug has also served on the boards of the Livestock Services of Saskatchewan Corporation (LSS) and Canadian Western Agribition (CWA). As a member of the LSS board, Doug was involved in the transfer of Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture brand inspection services to the non-profit sector. As part of the CWA board from 1996 to 2001, he oversaw the beef and commercial committees, and contributed to the international committee and beef supreme program.

In addition to his passion for cattle marketing, Doug has a love of the equine industry and is past-president of the Saskatchewan Horse Federation. He trains and races his own horses and has served on a number of industry boards, including the Horse Benevolent Protection Society and the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society. In 2010, he was recognized for outstanding achievement in equine welfare leadership.


Writeup courtesy of Saskatchewan Agriculture Hall of Fame