2021 Request for Sanction Event Form

Club Risk Assessment

SHF Assumption of Risk Over the Age of Majority

SHF Assumption of Risk Under 18

SHF Declaration of Compliance

Incident Reporting Form

Accident Claim Form

Racing and Rodeo Guidelines during COVID



Why Become a Member Club?

Insurance Coverage

There are two options available to SHF Member Clubs

Option 1:  Your Club will use the AON Insurance Coverage Included with your Membership.

Aon Coverage Policy
  • Events need to be sanctioned for a fee of $15.00 per event using a current form supplied by the SHF to the club.
  • Note: Club Members are not covered 24/7, they are only covered for events that the Club sanctioned through the SHF.  Only Individual Members of the SHF are covered 24/7.
  • Exception: If you are holding a SHF Sanctioned event and you get new members the day of the event, you can provide a list of new members with contact information and payment with the date of the event marked clearly on the submission of names. Your members will have coverage for that day and any other Sanctioned Events your Club hosts in the future.

Option 2: Your Club is purchasing the Equine Club Program Coverage through CapriCMW Insurance.

Capri Insurance Club Application Summary for Equine Association Clubs & FAQ
  • Coverage is in force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Activities do not need to be sanctioned by the SHF.
  • No additional fee for events
  • Each club member must be an individual member in good standing with the SHF.


Qualify for SHF Grants and Funding

  • Community Clinic Grant
  • Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grant
  • Saskatchewan Breed Development Grant
  • Team Travel Grant
  • Hosting Grant