Dr. Betty Althouse, Chief Veterinary Officer with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, was recently one of the recipients of the Premier's Award for Excellence in the Public Service.


 Dr. Betty Althouse (center) received the Premier's Award for Excellence in the Public Service. Photo: Government of Saskatchewan


In addition to her work in the province's Animal Health Unit, Dr. Althouse takes part in numerous national provincial bodies. The list includes the Canadian Council of Chief Veterinary Officers, the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association, Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan, Canadian Swine Health Intelligence Network, and the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council along with its Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System.

The Premier's Award for Excellence in the Public Service has been recognizing exceptional work for 14 years.  Founded in 2003, individuals and teams from across government including ministries, agencies, boards and Crown Corporations and nominated by their peers, the public, stakeholder organizations, clients and citizens, but final selections are made by an independent committee.

"Many achievements during the past decade of growth have been achieved with the help of our public service," Premier Brad Wall said. "Saskatchewan is fortunate to have such dedicated public servants working for our communities. This year's recipients exemplify those qualities."

The full list of 2017 recipients are:

  • Dr. Kathleen Ward, Health System Policy, Ministry of Health;
  • Dr. Betty Althouse, Chief Veterinary Officer, Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Sherry Bohay, Organizational Development, Public Service Commission;
  • Joint-Use Schools Team, Ministry of Education, SaskBuilds;
  • People Shouldn't Disappear Ad Team, Saskatchewan Government Insurance;
  • Dedicated Substance Abuse Treatment Unit Team, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health; and
  • Crown Corporation Designated Team, Crown Investments Corporation.


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