Capri Insurance is the official insurance provider of the SHF.  

  • Membership in your Equine Association automatically includes insurance coverage for most equine related liability exposures. Coverage is in excess of any other insurance you carry or is primary if you have no other insurance that could apply.
  • The Insurance is in effect each year from January 1 - December 31 and provides Members with the following automatic coverage and optional benefits:


 The information below is a summary of coverage only.  

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Automatic Coverages Included with your Membership:

$5,000,000 Liability Insurance ($1,000 Property Damage Deductible)

This coverage protects you against most lawsuits for Bodily Injury or Property Damage arising out of the ownership or use of a horse, or arising out of your participation in most equine related activities. Personal Liability includes non-commercial care, custody and control of up to a maximum of 3 non-owned horses including Legal Liability for Non-Owned Horses of $10,000 per horse / $50,000 per accident.

Special Notes on Coverage Restrictions
  • Coverage excludes the riding of a member’s horse by any person who is not a member in good standing of an Equine Association or who is not an equine professional or not riding the horse on a pre-purchase test ride.
  • Coverage excludes any lawsuit brought against you by your own spouse, or by any relative or dependant(s) residing in your household.
  • The coverage excludes the “commercial use” of horses (such as renting them out to others) as well as participation in Rough Stock Rodeo events, pari-mutuel racing, or unsanctioned racing activity and providing coaching, lessons, instruction to others and participation in horse pulling competitions.
  • Use of a horse for equestrian shows or competitions shall not be deemed commercial use, and barrel racing, team roping and team penning shall not be deemed rodeo or racing events.
  • If you are a member but your principal residence is outside Canada, then your coverage is restricted to equine activities that take place in Canada. Coverage for Canadian residents is world wide but lawsuits must be brought against you in Canada.
  • Coverage is primary if you have no other insurance that could apply, or is in excess of any other insurance you carry.

$30,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Coverage for each member arising from equine-related activities – under the age of 90 – that excludes limited coverage for fracture and dental injuries. 

Transportation Insurance for Non-Owned Horses

Protects against lawsuits for death of someone’s horse while you are transporting that horse subject to a limit of $10,000. per horse / $50,000. per accident and excluding commercial transportation of horses.


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Special Options Available for Purchase with your Membership:

Members Named Perils

Insurance covering death of an owned horse resulting from fire or lightning, transportation, earthquake or flood, or attack by dogs or wild animals.  This insures up to a maximum of $10,000 that may be applied regardless of the number of horses owned. Losses are restricted to one claim per year.

Additional Accidental Death & Dismemberment

In addition to your ‘included’ $30,000 Principal Sum you may now purchase an additional $50,000 coverage that includes limited benefits for Fracture and Dental arising from equine related activities – under the age of 75.

Members Tack Insurance

Insures tack and equipment from loss or damage anywhere in the Continental US/Canada.  $10,000 any one occurrence/$5,000 any one membership per policy period; $500 deductible. Higher limits are also available.

Travel (out of Province/Country)

Provides $1,000,000 coverage for out of province and country coverage for Medical treatments and/or Hospitalization.  Trips up to 90 days in duration, any number of trips per year, worldwide coverage.  Restricted to memebers under the age of 65.  This coverage must be purchased prior to leaving your Province of residence.

Weekly Accident Indemnity

Coverage is up to a maximum of $500 per week to a maximum of 26 weeks. A fully completed application is required.


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Other Coverage Options are also Available to to Members at Reduced Cost:

  • Farm-Care for your rural property and home
  • Equi-Care providing life/medical/surgical insurance for your horses
  • Insurance for Coaches, Officials, Grooms, and more

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