What is Heritage Circuit?

Heritage Circuit is a provincial competition program with the purpose of generating and maintaining participation in General Performance across Saskatchewan by supporting clubs, gaining interest from athletes, coaches and breeders to competitions at an introductory level. The Saskatchewan Horse Federation ensures that riders of all ages, recreational or competitive, have the opportunity to learn to compete, keeping fees reasonable and competitions accessible in each of the Sport Districts around the province. 


The SHF Officials Program ensures that provincial officials are trained, educated, and accessible for show organizers.  The provincial competition program includes multiple disciplines where all breeds are recognized.
The annual Heritage Circuit Provincial Finals provides a venue where all disciplines are able to participate over 3 days. SHF rewards athletes for their dedication to the equestrian competitive sports. After having nominated, and qualifying at local and provincial shows, points from the annual standings are then calculated and prizes are distributed during a special ceremony at the end of the fiscal year.


To be able to hold a Heritage Circuit or Prairie Cup recognized show we must receive in the office the following forms no later than 30 days prior to your event:

Show Forms - Click here for the 2017 Package

Prize List approval & Guidelines Click Here

  • Prize List (PDF format sent via email - Once checked, it will be posted for public access on our event listing)
  • $50 Deposit Cheque which will be used only if results forms are returned to us later than 2 weeks after your event. If results are submitted in a timely fashion the cheque will be destroyed. 


2017 Heritage Circuit Handbook - Complete Version


  • All forms must be completed in full or they will not be accepted.
  • Prize lists must clearly indicate Prairie Cup or Heritage Circuit Status.
  • Prize lists should not be posted until you have received acceptance confirmation from the office.
  • We expect that your forms will be into the office in a timely fashion. We request that we have them at least a month prior to your show so that we can ensure that your show packages will arrive on time. Any late forms are subject to a penalty fee.
  • Show results MUST be on the forms we provide to you.
  • Placings must be to 5th for Heritage Circuit regardless of if the competitor is an SHF member or not. For Prairie Cup, placings must be to 8th.

Once your prize list is approved you will receive the following:

Digital Show Package:

  • Results Forms
  • Sanction Certificate
  • Sportsmanship/Mentorship/Volunteer Nomination Form
  • Accident Report Form


Extra Downloadable Forms:

Nomination Form Package

Results Forms

Accident Report

Show Package:
  • First Place Ribbons for all approved classes
  • Brochures
  • Show Permit
  • Rulebook(if purchased)