The Provincial Trainer's Program concentrates on the practical introduction to coaching in this sport. The Trainer will be competent in all aspects of safety, skill development, physical preparation of the athlete and the horse and the "role of the Trainer." 


Requirements for certification through the Provincial Trainer Program are:
  • 18 years of age or over, and a member in good standing with SEVA and SHF
  • Minimum of 18 hours of mentorship and/or instruction, completing the course outline. The mentor/instructor must be approved by SEVA.
  • Completion of the practical and theoretical examinations with a minimum score of 75 percent in each examination.
  • NCCP Equestrian Theory course. Multi-sport NCCP is acceptable. Must include the “Make Ethical Decisions” module.
  • First aid certificate.
  • Criminal Record Check
Once accepted into the program, the candidate will be required to:
  • Attend a Trainer's evaluation and examination. Prospective trainers, on completion of the training and evaluation course, will demonstrate their ability to teach in a practical session with a horse and vaulters. Candidates who achieve a score of at least 75 percent in this session will be permitted to write the theoretical examination.
  • Complete a theoretical examination, usually written in the month following the practical examination. It may be written in the candidate's home town with a supervisor approved by the Education Committee of the EVA. A score of 75 percent is required in the theoretical examination to qualify for certification. A booklet providing a list of questions and suggested responses for the theoretical examination will be provided to all candidates when they are accepted into the certification program.
Continuing Education:
  • All certified Trainers are expected to continually update their training. A minimum of 6 hours per year of clinic/course work must be attended. Trainers must contact the EVA Education Committee chairman for approval to include a specific course or clinic as part of the continuing education requirement. This approval must be requested prior to attending the course. Appropriate forms to record attendance at these events are available from the committee chairman.
  • Vaulting Trainers must remain active in the sport to retain their certification. Anyone who has not coached for one year will be taken off the list of certified Trainers. Once removed from the list, they may reapply for certification by rewriting the theoretical examination. If a score of at least 75 per cent is achieved then the certification will be reinstated. If a score of at least 75 percent is not achieved, then the applicant will be required to repeat the entire certification process.
Requirements for EVA Assistant Trainer Certificate:
The intent of the Assistant Trainer Certification Program is to provide qualified assistants for established vaulting programs. The Assistant Trainer will work under the direct supervision of a Certified Vaulting Provincial Trainer. Although not a prerequisite, this program is also recommended for those with limited experience who are considering eventual certification as a Provincial Trainer. Participation in a one-day clinic/evaluation and a written theoretical examination are required for certification as an Assistant Trainer.