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SHF COVID-19 Statement of Position

The Saskatchewan Horse Federation continues to work diligently on behalf of our membership to resolve a return to work framework for our sport and industry. We do this in consultation with our partners, Sask Sport, Equestrian Canada, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Government of Saskatchewan. 

COVID-19 information is changing daily, and Saskatchewan residents are obliged to follow provincial recommendations based on emerging science and Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.

As our province moves forward through the multiple phases of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, the Saskatchewan Horse Federation will continue to advocate (where possible) on behalf of our sport and industry – keeping the health and safety of our members at the forefront at all times.


(Click here for printed copy of statement).

Looking for Answers to Equine Activity and COVID?

The Saskatchewan government has set up a Business Response line to assist individuals and organizations navigate through the Re-Open plan.  If you have questions on the status of your equine operation or on the allowed business services, please consider contacting the Business Response Team at 1-844-800-8688 or e-mail [email protected]


Help Us Celebrate the 12th Annual National Horse Day - June 6th!

We’re planning a celebration for National Horse Day, but this year we need to be a bit more creative to ensure we can
celebrate virtually. Events are taking place all across the county they are just taking place differently this year. Click here for more details

SHF Show Circuit Clarification

Following the email update on the cancellation of the Heritage Finals, the Heritage Circuit, and Prairie Cup Circuit, there has been some confusion.

The cancellation refers only to the point collection and calculation for the Heritage and Prairie Cup circuits and the Heritage Finals Show. When provincial health guidelines allow, the SHF will continue to sanction (offer insurance) for shows, clinics, etc. When we are able, we support and encourage Clubs to host their normal events.

Currently we are not sanctioning any shows/clinics/events prior to June 30th. As the province opens up and restrictions are lifted, we will keep everyone posted on our ability to provide sanctioning.

Important Message from SHF VP of Sport Shirley Mawson

The SHF is cancelling Permitting of All Heritage Circuit and Prairie Cup Series 2020 Competitions and suspends awarding of points.
The SHF is cancelling 2020 Heritage Provincial Finals Competition.  (Click here for more details)

Important Message from SHF President Carol Masecar

The SHF is advocating with the provincial government on behalf of the equine industry.

The Association has sent a letter to the Saskatchewan government on behalf of the equine sector, asking to have re-opening of equestrian facilities for the purpose of riding lessons, be moved from Phase Four to Phase One of Saskatchewan's Re-Opening of the Economy Plan.  We will provide updates on any response we receive from the province. Thank you for all who have provided us with input, which has been used in creating this letter. Click here to read the letter.

In addition, to support the re-opening request, the SHF used input received from members to create a set of DRAFT Guidelines which equestrian facilities would follow, if SHF's re-opening request was approved. These Guidelines are DRAFT only, and have not been yet been approved by government officials. The SHF will provide you with prompt updates on any and all responses we receive from the Saskatchewan government. Click here for the Draft Guidelines


The Importance of Premises Identification

If you own livestock or simply have farm animals on your land in Saskatchewan, you must now have a premises identification (PID) number. PID is an important element of an effective livestock traceability system.



SHF Announces Fundraising Partnership with Ultimate Fundraising Inc

June 24, 2019 -- The SHF is excited to announce a new partnership with Pat Van Hesteren at Ultimate Fundraising Inc. to provide fundraising opportunities for SHF Clubs.

Respecting the importance of fundraising for non-profits, SHF Clubs looking for creative ways to develop diverse revenue streams to support programs and events now have access to multiple products through this partnership.