Please do not mail applications as we are asking you to please send by email to [email protected]

Community Clinic Grant


Applications Due May 1, 2020

Before applying for the Community Clinic Grant the Club must be a registered current Not For Profit organization. The purpose of the Community Clinic Grant is to assist clubs in offering clinic that will increase awareness and/or participation in horse sport in Saskatchewan.  Such clinics must be open to interested youth, disabled persons and all persons in the community, and will provide an opportunity for persons to learn to ride/dire; to improve their skills or to learn about the many aspects of horsemanship.  Must be a current Club Member of the SHF and the club must be a registered not-for-profit.  Special consideration will be given to clubs that may have youth teams competing at a regional or national level and which to host a training clinic in preparation for these competitions.  


MAP (Membership Assistance Program) Grant 



Applications Due  - May 1, 2020

New this year.....Funds will not be released until the Club Members return all sold and unsold Lucky Horse Raffle Tickets

Before applying for the MAP Grant the Club must be a registered current Not For Profit organization. In order to qualify for the MAP funding, the Club must be associated with the SHF for a year, and must have sold a minimum of five books of raffle tickets. The MAP grants are made available to clubs to help them increase the number of participants and the quality of equestrian sport development in their communities. The MAP Grant comes specifically through Sask Sport to the SHF for Corporate Clubs. Please be aware of the eligible and ineligible expenses you can submit.


Saskatchewan-Bred Development Grant


Applications Due - May 1, 2020

Before applying for the Saskatchewan-Bred Development Grant the Club must be a registered current Not For Profit organization.The purpose of the Saskatchewan-Bred Development Grant is to provide assistance to Clubs for competition development that promotes Saskatchewan Bred horses in the provincial industries.  This grant is available to breed organizations for the programs or competitions to develop, support and recognize the breeding of top equine athletes and genetics in Saskatchewan. Programs and competitions are to recognize excellence in Saskatchewan-Bred horses.  (The SHF will recognize any foal born in Saskatchewan, as Saskatchewan-Bred.  Proof of foaling location may be requested.)


Team Travel Grant


Application Due - May 1, 2020

Before applying for Team Travel Grant the Club must be a registered current Not For Profit organization. The Team Travel Grant is designed to provide financial assistance to Saskatchewan teams or individuals participating at regional, national or international championships outside Saskatchewan.  In general this grant is provided to teams/groups or individuals through the Corporate Member responsible for attendance at the event. In rare or unusual circumstances applications from Individuals may also be considered. All Team athletes must be individual members in order to qualify for this Team Travel Grant


Hosting Grant

Application and Guidelines @ Sask Sport

Hosting Grants are given to support amateur sport events hosted in Saskatchewan that build capacity in the Sport System (excellence, infrastructure, human resources, participation), maximize economic & community benefits, and promote Saskatchewan culture and values. These events must be regional, national or international events.  The applications for this grant are reviewed and approved from Sask Sport.