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Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS)

CAHSS is a distinct division of Animal Health Canada, established in 2015. Their focus is on animal health information. Their website include surveillance tools and up to date disease outbreak information. For more information visit


Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

The CFIA is responsible for protecting human and animal health in Canada. They implement and monitor testing programs to prevent and control the spread of diseases to the livestock sector, including horses. In addition, the CFIA carries out programs related to horse health to guard against the entry of foreign animal diseases and prevent the spread of specific domestic animal diseases.

As per the CFIA, animal disease categories include:

  • Reportable Diseases

Animal owners, veterinarians and laboratories are required to immediately report the presence of an animal that is contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with one of the Federally Reportable Diseases in Canada to a CFIA district veterinarian.

  • Immediately Notifiable Diseases

In general, immediately notifiable diseases are diseases exotic to Canada for which there are no control or eradication programs. Only laboratories are required to contact the CFIA regarding the suspicion or diagnosis of one of these diseases.

  • Annually Notifiable Diseases

Annually notifiable diseases are diseases for which Canada must submit an annual report to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) indicating their presence within Canada. In general, they are diseases that are present in Canada, but are not classified as reportable or immediately notifiable.


National & Infectious Disease Fact Sheets

The CFIA provides fact sheets and important information on reportable national and infectious diseases in Canada, including: