Equestrian Canada's coaching program is developed in partnership with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and Sport Canada. Equestrian Canada is one of 67 sports participating in the NCCP, which represents coaching excellence in Canada. The EC coaching program is the only Canadian equestrian coaching and instructor certification program also recognized internationally (FEI, IGEQ), and by Coaches of Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. 


The Equestrian Canada National Coaching Certification Program has the following objectives:

  • To offer an acceptable standard of developing coaching/instructing expertise.
  • To provide a structure whereby coaches/instructors can enter and progress as they improve their coaching/instructing expertise.
  • To ensure the integration of the Coaching Certification Program into an overall strategy of coaching education.
  • To improve the level of performance and competence of Canadian equestrian coaches/instructors and their students.


Why is Certification Important?

Whether you are a student looking for lessons or a current equestrian coach interested in obtaining credentials, there are many benefits to the EC Coaching Program.

The EC Coaching Program verifies that a coach:

  • Has been evaluated at a high level and meets NCCP standards for professionalism and competence as an equestrian coach or instructor.
  • Maintains their certification, and is therefore dedicated to lifelong learning and advancement through regular professional development.
  • Has obtained relevant insurance to protect themselves and their students.