SHF is bringing the Rookie Riders Program to Saskatchewan. Rookie Riders is a fun and comprehensive program which teaches children (ages 6-12) activities and skills that are fundamental to success in horseback riding.

In March of 2020 the SHF hosted the first Rookie Riders Instructor/Coach training for the full program including the equine portion to NCCP/EC Certified Instructors/Coaches. This training will enable these Certified Instructors/Coaches to deliver the Rookie Riders program at their facility. Watch for an upcoming feature article with a couple of the newly trained Rookie Riders Instructors/Coaches.

Read the SHF E-blast Article - Rookie Riders Program in Saskatchewan

The next Rookie Riders Instructor Coach training will be held on May 4-5, 2024 in Saskatoon SK with Ontario Master Coach Developer, Ruth Allum! 

The Rookie Riders program teaches activities and skills that are fundamental to success in horseback riding. It includes basic gymnastics on mats, on a “barrel horse” and concludes with an introduction to riding. It is a core skill building program that benefits all disciplines. It is also a safe opportunity to introduce the sport to children we hope will become passionate and continue to progress in the sport. This program is a great progression into the EC Learn to Ride/Drive Program or into a Vaulting Program. This program is for EC/NCCP certified instructors/coaches. If you are also a working student under the supervision of an EC/NCCP coach or a physical education teacher you may take the barrel only training.

Contact [email protected] to register. 

For more information on the Rookie Riders program visit this link or contact the SHF Technical Director at [email protected] or 306-780-9490.