Prairie Cup

Prairie Cup Circuit is a provincial competition program with the purpose of generating and maintaining participation in High Performance disciplines across Saskatchewan by supporting clubs, gaining interest from athletes, coaches and breeders to competitions at a High Performance level. The Saskatchewan Horse Federation strives to ensure that competitive athletes have the opportunity to compete provincially and at a national level.

SHF rewards athletes for their dedication to the equestrian competitive sports. After having nominated, and qualifying at provincial shows, points from the annual standings are then calculated and prizes are distributed during a special ceremony at the end of the fiscal year.


Notice of changes to the Heritage Circuit, Prairie Cup Series, and High Performance Grant Criteria


Nominating to Prairie Cup

Heritage Circuit and Prairie Cup Nomination Form

Nominate Online

We encourage all those competing to Nominate themselves and their horses in order for points to be counted to qualify for year end awards!  You may nominate when you apply for or renew your individual membership or you can nominate at any time during the year by filling out the form above and returning it to the office with payment.  Note: Points will only start counting following nomination, any competitions prior to nomination will not count for year end tabulations.


Prairie Cup Divisions

Hunter Division

  • Low (2'9" - 3'0")
  • Medium (3'3" - 3'6")
  • High (3'9" and above)

Jumper Division

  • Schooling (.80 - .85m) 
  • Low (.90 - 1.0m)
  • Medium (1.10 - 1.15m)
  • High (1.20m - 1.25m)
  • Advanced Jumper (1.30m and up)

Dressage Division

  • Second Level
  • Third Level
  • Fourth Level
  • Advanced (Prix St Georges/Intermediare 1 or Grand Prix/Grand Prix Special)

Reining Division 

  • Open (No $ Limit)
  • Non Pro (No $ Limit)
  • Youth 18 and under
  • Jackpot Reining

Western Dressage Division

  • Level 2
  • Level 3



Nominating to Prairie Cup

To be eligible for year end awards, you must earn points at a minimum of one SHF competition in Saskatchewan.  If you would like results from out of province EC shows to count toward your total points, you must submit the following forms (including official results documentation) to the SHF office by October 31st of the competition year.