Saskatchewan Horse Federation
 Coaching Symposium


The Saskatchewan Horse Federation is dedicated to providing top of the line professional development opportunities to its membership. This particular weekend will be filled with one of a kind professional development geared towards our instructors/coaches/trainers/industry professionals.

Whether you are a certified coach or not, we want to welcome you to join us for this educational weekend aimed at providing relevant industry information specially designed in a format that our instructors/coaches/trainers/industry professionals can relate too. Our fantastic industry presenters are excited at the opportunity to help educate our key stakeholders.

Note: This event is open to all industry professionals including but not limited to instructors/coaches/trainers/athletes etc. Participants MUST hold valid proof of SHF membership or other PTSO membership.


Registration Forms

Registration For Certified Coaches (EC Certified or Status Holder/NCCP/CanTRA/Vault Instructor/International Trainer Passport)

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Presentations will be delivered in three key areas:

All About Business

We want to give you the tools and knowledge to step up your business game. After all, you are our key industry stakeholders, so why not take pride in that and develop some strategies to STAND OUT!

All About the Horse

Horses are an integral part of our sport. As key stakeholders and industry leaders, we want to provide you with the knowledge that you can take back to your programming to ensure that your equi

ne athletes are receiving the best possible care!

All About the Athlete

As instructors/coaches ongoing professional development in the area of athlete education is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Without our riders, we would have no sport! As such our day is geared around presenting information to participants on strategies to improve their clients/athletes/riders. Assurance that a safe environment and knowledgeable coach is present is highly regarded.




2022 - Coaching Symposium Topics

Long Term Equestrian Development – Danielle Yaghdjian

This workshop will provide participants with an explanation and exploration of ‘What is LTED’ and where it applies to both athletes and coaches.  Participants will learn that the LTED Framework encourages an athlete-centered approach to equestrian development including the four guiding principles of a Quality experience, Optimal programming, Inclusion of all participants and the Collaboration of all individuals.

EC Coach Status Program – Janelle Bruce

Equestrian Canada (EC), in partnership with the Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs) is dedicated to providing coaches and instructors with the necessary tools to make the equestrian experience safe and enjoyable for all participants, horse and human, and to develop excellence in horsemanship.

 The EC Coaching Program currently encompasses two programs that work in tandem: the Coach Status Program and EC/NCCP Coach Certification.

 The Coach Status program is at the heart of EC’s commitment to Safe Sport and the Responsible Coaching Movement to recognize and identify active coaches within the equestrian community.

Sport Psychology for Coaches – Sask Sport Medicine and Science

Mental strategies that contribute to coaches and athlete overall success.

Proper Lunging Technique – Danielle Yaghdjian

This workshop will cover all lunging as it pertains to the Equestrian Canada’s Learn to Ride, Rookie Riders and Coaching programs. Demonstrations will focus on teaching a student on a lunge line (Instructor), teaching a student how to lunge (Competition Coach) and improving the performance of the horse on the lunge line (Competition Coach Specialist).

Equestrian Canada Learn To Ride Program – Danielle Yaghdjian

EC’s Learn to Ride programs are available in English and Western Disciplines. This workshop will cover the logistics of the rider levels and how it benefits riding school programs, coaches and students.                 

Equine Health and Welfare and Coaching – Tracy Dopko

Coaches and trainers have the ability to influence equine welfare best practices used by their students. Equine welfare can be challenging as we have different perspectives and our responses to various issues can often be emotional. The main topics of this presentation focus on the Five Freedoms, emergency plans, biosecurity, heat indexes, transportation, and the new noseband rule recently launched by Equestrian Canada. Understanding and teaching these best practices helps ensure equine athletes are healthy and happy.            

Learning Theory for Athlete and Equine – Jody Busch

Jody will present an overview of basic learning theory including classical conditioning, operant conditioning and systematic desensitization.  She will discuss how to understanding these things can lead to more effective training and coaching.

Analyze Performance – Danielle Yaghdjian

Analyzing Equestrian Performance teaches the equestrian instructor and coach how to correct skill errors in performance while teaching a lesson.  Coaches will follow a basic framework to detect common errors and prioritize them for correction using live demonstrations of horses and riders. 


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