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Cartier farms is the first provincially recognized equine assisted learning certification program that carries two research studies done by the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and University of Calgary. For decades, equine assisted learning has proven to help develop leadership skills in some, life skills in those at risk, and specific skills in participants with specials needs.

The Cartier partnership has spent years researching the lasting benefits of EAL, and hundreds of hours developing a flexible and teachable curriculum that others could learn to teach at a facility of their own. Cartier Farms EAL courses have been designed to emphasize real-world training and tailored to meet the equine and social services industries.

Cartier Farms has partnered with the Saskatchewan Horse Federation to recognize and certify this unique and innovative Building Block ™ Equine Assisted Learning Program. Our intent is to provide a standardized educational format for individuals to expand their knowledge in the industry, as well as increase their business marketability and income potential.

You can count on Cartier Farms instructors.  They will facilitate, mentor and coach you throughout the program in a supportive learning environment, providing you with numerous opportunities to develop your EAL skills with practical application and hands on teaching. We offer ongoing support after certification and we are only a phone call away.

The Cartier Farms Equine Assisted Learning EAL programs provide a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge that help certified graduates launch meaningful careers. When you choose Cartier Farms EAL Certification Program, you are selecting an education partner who is totally committed to your success.

We have recently expanded and are excited to announce our new satellite facility located at Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Centre in Bradford, Ontario. Tracey Evans runs our certification program and is a Cartier Master EAL Certification Instructor.  Check the websites for exciting EAL updates.


Cartier Farms Equine Assisted Learning

Darryl & Gayle Cartier
Prince Albert, SK   S6V 5R2
Ph: 306-763-2812
Cell: 306-980-5507
Janice Boucher (program director): 306-960-8716

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Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre
Tracey Evans
2800 Line 10 RR2
Bradford, ON   L37 2A5
Ph: 289-231-6775
[email protected]