What is LTED?

The LTED model is a blueprint for building the best sport system possible. It respects the developmental needs of all equestrians, addressing those who are able-bodied and those who have a disability. It also addresses both early and late developers.


Who benefits from LTED?

  • Beneficial to all levels of athletes, from high performance to recreational.
  • Recognizes the essential roles played by parents, coaches, sponsors, breeders, officials, competition organizers, stable owners, horse owners, administrators, sport scientists, and other stakeholders.
  • The model is based on stages of development rather than age or years of experience, allowing anyone to join the pathway at any time, regardless of age, ability or experience.
  • Allows athletes, coaches, parents and stakeholders to work together toward a common pathway and goal.
  • Encourages equestrians to stay involved throughout their lives.
  • Designed to address and overcome the current shortcomings of equestrian sport - and the resulting consequences and impact.


Who was LTED developed for?

  • Shows athletes the different programs available to them as they develop and learn.
  • Provides an educational tool to help become familiar with the stages of development and support coaches who act in the best interest of the developing athlete.
  • Validates best practices and orients coaches to what is appropriate for skill building at each stage of athlete development, and what competitions are appropriate for each stage of development.
  • By understanding the optimum development of athletes in equestrian sport, officials are in a better position to suggest equipment and rule changes that are stage-of-development appropriate.
  • Helps guide developmentally appropriate competition structure and rules, enabling athletes to progress optimally. 

5 Developmental Pathways of LTED


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Further information on the National LTED program can be found at Equestrian Canada.