Volunteers play a huge part in the running of Saskatchewan Horse events, without them all the amazing events that take place in Saskatchewan would not run!

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers to partake in all the horse events!

Over the week of April 15-20 we, and sask lotteries, are celebrating and recognizing all the extraordinary volunteers to who put their time into all events.

Check out some of the great volunteers that are featured in our great province!

Each nominator and volunteer will be entered into a draw at the end of the week!


Chester Ehnisz

Chester works tirelessly keeping our Sask. Reining Horse Association shows running smoothly getting the showbills out to competitors, taking entries, posting classes, tabulating results.  You can find him at the show office from first thing in the morning to the last run of the day.  He's always organized and his skills running and designing our horse show software are amazing.  Chester also takes a turn working the gate and is always upbeat and encouraging competitors from the sidelines.  He manages to find time to show his own horse in a run or two during the show.  We'd be lost without him!!! (Sask Reining Horse)


Corinne Ginter

Corinne devotes her energies to keeping our events running smoothly; organizing volunteers to work the gate, scribes for judges, and all area someone is required for a task.   She is on location to open up our venue for shows and is there to wrap up when it's over.  She been involved with our very successful youth program providing incentives and opportunities for our young members.  Corinne works tirelessly and fills in wherever there is a need. (Sask Reining Horse)


Dawn Loessin

Dawn Loessin who stands out there all day rain or shine at the gate. Always has a smile on her face and keeps things moving at a steady pace. (Tally Ho Development Series)
Joanne Malmgren

Joanne Malmgren volunteers on our Pony Club committee at the Saskatoon Pony Club and gives so much wealth and knowledge to our education within the Pony Club itself. (She is the education chair ) She is finding new and fun ways to engage the kids, by utilizing technology and social media accounts. She constantly messages me about ideas of how we can engage the kids and teach them in ways that will connect with them. She spends a lot of her extra time planning and helping others. She also has been a huge support to us after we’ve purchased our first horse and is always there when we need a question answered or advice !! she truly is wanting to help grow the equine industry and grow and foster learning within our community. (Shelley Heuchert)


Karissa Nemish

Karissa Nemish hasn’t shown in a few years at our events and has still showed up to volunteer, putting in long hours. She is a great help wherever we need her and her showing experience is a great asset to have. (SQHA)


Katryna Williams

She volunteers within our Saskatoon pony club . She does a lot of our educational clinics , instructs riding and was there at the regional pony club quiz ! She also volunteers her time to her students (unpaid) when they need help or support! She is very valued.(Shelley Heuchert)


Krystal and Arnold Ross

Krystal and Arnold always have a smile on their faces and are willing to help. They are awesome volunteers at the Medicine Hat shows and truly stand out. (Mandy Nells)

Lorraine Beaudette
I’d like to recognize Lorraine Beaudette for all she does to improve and up keep our beautiful Grasswood Horse Park for the enjoyment of the equine community in Saskatchewan!
As a former board member I know it’s a community of volunteers, and board members, that have given and continue to give their time but today…time I just want to put my thanks and appreciation out to Lorraine and years of service and hard work! Thank Lorraine! (Edie Koski)
Nikki Carrier
Nikki Carrier was our announcer last year and she was AMAZING. She kept the show running smoothly, so happy and positive. She stayed late to watch and help run our games in the evenings. She was a joy to have around. (SQHA)

Scott Down

Scott Down helps us out as a valuable scribe, gate person, and ring steward. His knowledge and experience is valued. (SQHA)

Shanon Frain
Shanon Frain who keeps us entertained either with her singing or her jokes (always making fun of one of us, or even smashing an egg on someone’s forehead). (Tally Ho Development Series)
Victoria Gable

Victoria Gable is a volunteering super star. She can do everything. From announcer to ring steward to expert scribe and judge wrangler (lol) her presence is appreciated. She helps us in MJ and in Saskatoon. (SQHA)