The number of people who participate in equine recreational activities has grown rapidly. The types of activities vary widely, and are no longer just the traditional trail riding and wagon trekking.

In an attempt to acknowledge the importance of the recreational drivers and riders both to the SHF and also to the equine industry, the Miles in Motion program was introduced in 2011 and continues to be the focus of recreation until it is firmly established. This is simply a program where individuals record the number of kilometers that have been driven or ridden. There are two age divisions in each of the categories. The program is based on the honour system so verification of distances is not required.

There are awards for designated distance milestones, and major awards at the end of the year for the greatest number of kilometers recorded in each category. It is hoped that knowledge of the program will become more widespread and that many of those who participate in the recreational part of the horse industry will be recognized as being as important to the industry as are those who participate in horse shows.

Start logging your miles on January 1st and submit them to the SHF before December 1st of each year.

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Who can participate?

  • Any valid SHF Junior or Adult member

Is there a cost?

  • There is no cost to participate in the Miles in Motion program however, your SHF membership must be valid

How do I register?

  • No need to register, just get some forms and start tracking your rides/drives

What do I get for all my riding/driving?

  • Riding awards and driving awards are separate categories and broken into two age groups (Under 13 or 14 and Over)
  • Recognition awards at 100 km, 200 km & 300 km.

When are awards presented?

  • Awards for Highest Kilometers Recorded for each category are presented at the Annual Awards Banquet held in February