The 2019 Heritage Provincial Finals will be held September 27-19


To be eligible to enter the Provincial Finals, the nominated horse/rider combo must attend at least two Heritage Circuit shows. To be eligible to enter any class in one of the eight divisions, the nominated horse/rider combo must have placed in the top five (earned points) in at least one class within that division. See the Heritage Divisions and Classes here.

Heritage Nomination Application


2018 Results

Friday (Dressage)
Friday (Regular Classes)


Division Champions

Western Riding Andrea Schan Doxstar Felix
English Pleasure Natasha Kurz Danger Zone
Road Hack Natasha Kurz Danger Zone
Show Hack Danita Stang Fayton
Walk/Trot Dressage Felicity Murch Maverick
Training Level Dressage Danita Stang Fayton
First Level Dressage Bernice Parker Pluto
Intro Level Western Dressage Taniel Fiddler Royal Speed MQH
Basic Level Western Dressage Ronna Magotiaux Miss Smokin Nic
First Level Western Dressage Debbie Allen Archie
Cross Rail Hunter Hunter Duff The Party's Not Over
2' Hunter Kiana Ehmann Tiny
2' 3" Hunter Hunter Duff The Party's Not Over
2' 6" Hunter Katelyn Jeffery Clark Kent
Barrel Racing Tori Hansen CD Double Trouble
Pole Bending Marcia Fiddler Chaps Roan Boy
Keyhole Race Abby Goddard Kitty Star


Overall Champions

Western Performance Abby Goddard Macs Smokin Hot
Hack Danita Stang Fayton
Dressage Danita Stang Fayton
Western Dressage Ronna Magotiaux Miss Smokin Nick
Hunter Hunter Duff The Party's Not Over
Speed Abby Goddard Kitty Star
Equitation Payten Keyowski Castlerock Rascal