We were also able to share over $8000 directly with clubs through the profit sharing with clubs for YOUTH involved programs, safety related programs, therapeutic riding, disadvantaged persons and youth summer camps. Thank you to clubs and individuals supporting out raffle. 

Contact a local club to buy tickets. If your club would like to purchase some books to sell, please contact the office.

  • All raffle ticket books and stubs (sold and unsold) along with payment must be received in the SHF Office by December 13, 2024.
  •  Your club receives $16 (40% OF SALES) for each book sold.
  • The more books sold, the greater the return of percentage of sales to your club, there is no upper limit.
  • Funds received through the raffle must by used for youth involved programs, safety programs, therapeutic riding, disadvantages persons, and youth summer camps


Top Ticket sales of 2023

  • Mirror Image Vaulters (832 = $1664)
  • Heartland Pony Club (448 = $864)
  • Park Valley Pony Club (160 = $320)


1st $4000 Rosalie Crooks
2nd $2000 Jasper Bintner
3rd $1000 Saskatoon Dressage Association
4th $500 Gus Hines
5th $500 Roxanne Appell
6th $500 Saskatchewan Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association