Coaching Updating Form

Instructor/Coach Professional Development Policy

Remaining Current Following Certification

In order to be considered an active current certified Equestrian Canada Coach, a coach must complete to the following:


Hold Current SHF Membership
  • Purchase annual SHF Membership
Hold Current Equestrian Canada (EC) Sport License at required level
  • Purchase annual Equestrian Canada (EC) Sport License at required level
Hold Current Approved EC Coach Status
  • To adhere to current Safe Sport Standards a Coach Status must be obtained to attend EC Competition with students you coach. Or if you are an EC Certified Coach who acts in the role of Learn to Ride Level Examiner or Coach Developer you must hold Licensed Coach Status.
Proof of a current Standard First Aid with level C CPR certificate on file every 3 years
  • A Blended Standard First Aid course is accepted
  • Course must be delivered by a recognized Canadian First Aid Provider 
Proof of current acceptable criminal record check (CRC) every 3 years
  • NEW: A free online ePic link will be provided when Coach Status is purchased done through MyBackCheck
  • Or if living in a city you can acquire a CRC in person at Municipal Policy Station or if you live rural you may get a CRC in person from your local RCMP Detachment
Proof of the required professional development (PD) points required for specific level of certification within the given CAC renewal period. Please refer to the instructor/coach PD policy.
  • To submit PD points towards certification, please use the coaching updating form
  • PD credits are tracked in the CAC/NCCP Locker database, and will appear on instructors/coaches NCCP transcripts once approved
  • Coaches may also self declare PD in their Locker accounts themselves