Who are we?

The SHF is a provincial sport governing body, responsible for the oversight of equestrian sport and industry in Saskatchewan.


What do we do?

Increase Awareness of the Benefits of Equine Sport

Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED)

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Competitions
  • Horses

Protect Equine Health & Welfare

Maintain Financial and Operational Accountability & Sustainability

Support Communities and the Development of Equine Facilities


Why do we do it?

To foster Fun & Enjoyment

To help develop Solid Citizens

To develop Healthy Bodies & Minds

To support the Equine Industry

To promote and regulate Fair Play

Increase Competency in:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Officials


Land Acknowledgement

The Saskatchewan Horse Federation acknowledges that what we call Saskatchewan is the traditional and ancestral territory of many diverse First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples who have lived on and cared for these lands for generations. As we make our own footprints and hoofprints, we acknowledge those whose footsteps and hoofprints have marked these lands for generations, and we are grateful to work and live upon this territory together. We acknowledge the traditional Knowledge Keepers and Elders who are still with us today and those who have gone before us. We are thankful for the means to learn from all the traditional peoples of these lands as we move forward together in reconciliation.