Industry Partners of the SHF are as Follows:


Saskatchewan Cattleman's Association (SCA)

The SCA's mandate is to promote the well being of all production sectors of the Saskatchewan beef cattle industry through effective representation from all regions of the province.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (SMA)

The Ministry fosters a commercially viable self-sufficient and sustainable agriculture and food sector. The Ministry encourages farmers, ranchers and communities to develop higher value-added production and processing and promotes sustainable economic development in rural Saskatchewan through better risk management.


Saskatchewan Foraging Council (SFC)

The Saskatchewan Forage Council was formed as a cooperative to enhance the province's forage industry; including production, harvesting, utilization, and marketing. They distribute current information on forage-related topics and encourage the use of forages in production systems. They communicate and work with government on industry production issues and marketing policies. They assist in the prioritization of research in the forage sector and when they feel further research is needed, they press to make it happen.


Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA)

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association serves, protects and advances the interests of the beef industry in Saskatchewan through communication, education, research and advocacy to help ensure a prosperous, viable and healthy future for individuals and the livestock industry.


Saskatchewan Regional Pony Club

From the Branch level to the National level, Pony Club is run by elected volunteers, many of them parents or grandparents of members, or former Pony Club members.