The Aberdeen Sunset Riders is a non profit riding group that volunteer and operate the Aberdeen Equestrian Centre. Our group of riders get together for clinics, trail rides and fun events. We offer the opportunity for members to acquire knowledge and skills in specific equine-related areas, meet new people and socialize with others who have common interests, provide a community resource, provide a safe environment under which to develop equine skills and participate in equine activities. The Aberdeen Equestrian Centre is available to rent to other groups. We are proud to offer a great facility that is used by other riding groups, dog agility groups, and 4-H clubs, to name a few. Our facility comes equipped with: • A sand riding surface (80 X 180) • Heated lobby and indoor viewing area • Arena spectator seating • Indoor washroom facilities • Fully equipped kitchen area with tables and chairs available to your clubs for meal accommodation • Basic English jumping equipment • A round pen and team penning panels • Full complement of regulation equipment for Western Trail Class • Full complement of regulation equipment for Gymkhana • Wireless sound system for instruction and event announcing • Highway driving to our door and ample parking Please feel free to contact us at

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Phone: 306-716-1085

Box 27
Aberdeen, SK

All breed, all-discipline Club. Activities include winter cattle penning/sorting series, clinics and special events for youth.

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Phone: 306-441-0100

Box 1491
North Battleford, SK

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Phone: 306-948-7090

Box 1116
Biggar, SK

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Phone: 306-281-6855

Box 508
Clavet, SK

We are a family orientated club helping all enjoy horses in a safe and productive manner. We teach riding and driving of horses.

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Phone: 306-774-6805

Box 84
Vanguard, SK

Regular summer and fall clinics offered. Instruction given in English and Western Dressage by a level one coach. Small class sizes. Fun and relaxed atmosphere. All ages welcome.

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Phone: 306-778-2371

200 Springfield Rd, RR1
Wymark, SK

Grasswood Horse Park, located South of Saskatoon offers members outdoor riding with perimeter trail, an obstacle trail course, 2 fenced arenas, including a working equitation course and a polocrosse field. Managed by the CPHRA volunteer non-profit board. Rider/Handlers must be members of CPHRA and SHF.

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Phone: 306-221-6850

Site 816 Comp 162 RR#8
Saskatoon, SK

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Phone: 306-460-9249

Box 1885
Kindersley, SK

We are a small volunteer committee that run and maintain the Eastend Rodeo Grounds. We fundraise for items and have a small group of youth who are learning to ride, rope, compete in horse shows and rodeos. We try and get togethr at our arena two days a week June-September. We put on fun gymkhana days and the annual horse show.

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Phone: 306-295-4040

Box 601
Eastend, SK

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Phone: 306-698-7905

PO Box 488
Wolseley, SK

We are an all ladies horse club. Ages 18 and up, we get together for social rides, crafts, education, meetings and all around good horse fun.

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Phone: 306-381-8391

RR 5 Box 60
Saskatoon, SK

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Phone: 3062221165

1022-407 Hampton Circle
Saskatoon SK, SK

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Phone: 306-241-0680

Box 46 Site 715 RR 7 LCD Main
Saskatoon, SK

Horse Trials SK is a provincial club for the Olympic sport of Eventing. We encourage & train equestrians of all levels to join and progress in the sport of eventing. HTSK offers clinics, access to lessons, fun days, derbies as well as membership required to participate in Horse Trials and 3 day events Canada-wide. Many of our members are recreational, while others compete throughout Western Canada at various levels. HTSK prides itself on being a very welcoming equestrian group. We welcome all horse enthusiasts.

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Phone: 306-469-5655

Box 723
Langham, SK

Kingskettle Pony Club is a small outdoor pony club situated on an acreage on Clarence Avenue south of Saskatoon. Members are not required to stable their horses on the premises.

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Phone: 306-373-5605

Site 811 Comp 9 RR 8
Saskatoon, SK

A family oriented grassroots riding club of horse enthusiasts who get together to enjoy our horses and the sport in a fun atmosphere.

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Phone: 306-365-4312

Box 231
Lanigan, SK

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Phone: 306-248-7273

GD Box 1
Bright Sand, SK

The Maple Creek Light Horse puts on an annual horse show in August.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-662-3353

PO Box 970
Maple Creek, SK

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Phone: 639-994-0861

Langham, SK

The MJ Exhibition Company is a non-profit organization that boards horses and hosts shows.

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Phone: 306-692-2723

250 Thatcher Drive E
Moose Jaw, SK

New Frontier Horse Show is a non-profit organization located in Swift Current, Saskatchewan which hosts a 3 day horse show in July and various clinic throughout the year. We welcome all breeds and disciplines and all ages of equestrians.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-741-9172

P.O. Box 23
Swift Current, SK

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Phone: 306-769-7071

Box 121
Star City, SK

The park Valley Pony Club is part of the Saskatchewan Region of the Canadian Pony Club. To learn more about Pony Club, visit

[email protected]

Phone: 306-281-6633

Box 723
Langham, SK

Riding club locates at McLean, Saskatchewan. Family environment, teach all riders different patterns and to just have fun on Sundays throughout the summer.

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Phone: 306-530-0481

1102 1867 Hamilton St
Regina, SK

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Phone: 306-491-9102

743 Costigan Place
Saskatoon, SK

The Prairie N Forest Equestrian Club is a small club catering to riders of all disciplines and skill levels. The club hosts clinics, fun days and an Annual show every year. We strive to be inclusive and help riders of all ages enjoy their equine companion.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-236-3579

Box 1006
Meadow Lake, SK

PAWWSHA is an open breed club that focusses on providing a fun and supportive environment for riders of all ages and disciplines to learn with their equine partner.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-575-7570

Box 273
Wawota, SK

119-27th St. W
Prince Albert, SK

Box 1023
Lanigan, SK

The Rosetown Riding Club is a club based out of Rosetown, SK. Our outdoor arena is located on the North end of town. Our club put on a just for fun Gymkhana series, along with a Little Buckaroo Fun Day.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-831-8365

Box 42
Fiske, SK

Promotion of the Clydesdale breed in all disciplines of halter, hitch, chore, and all riding styles.

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Phone: 306-290-5241

Site 303 Cmp 7 RR#3 STN Main
Saskatoon, SK

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Phone: 306-536-4448

Box 130
Kronau, SK

The goal of the SCMSA is to encourage the development of better mounted shooters through the promotion of shoots, jackpot shoots, clinics, and other similar events.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-731-3831

Box 1192
Lumsden, SK

The Saskatchewan Cutting Horse Association is open to all and dedicated to developing and promoting the sport of cutting and enriching our rural way of life. We provide a venue for recreational riders to develop their skills to show cutting horses as well as providing support to breeder and trainers.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-722-3643

Box 278
Fillmore, SK

Equestrian vaulting is simply gymnastics on horseback. While this sounds a bit scary, it is in a totally controlled environment so athletes, coaches and parents can fully enjoy the sport without fearing it. It is a sport that not only develops strength and flexibility but creates a bond of trust between the athlete and horse. Right from beginner, athletes accomplish amazing skills to help grow their confidence.

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Phone: 306-229-1679

Box 13b RR5
Saskatoon, SK

Our mission statement is "Promote the sport of rodeo and the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship and expose its positive image to the general public. Preserve the western heritage - offer a privilege of bonding - offer an opportunity for education.

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Phone: 306-339-7505

Box 848
Carnduff, SK

The goal of the Saskatchewan Hunter Jumper Association (SHJA) is to provide a strong support system for riders interested in the sport of show jumping and hunters. To enable and encourage all riders to compete at horse shows where hunter and jumper competitions are available. In order to achieve these goals, the SHJA will provide opportunities for education, horse shows and clinics aimed at all levels of hunter and jumper riders in Saskatchewan. The SHJA is here to help grow the hunter jumper community.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-270-8209

108-603 Lenore Drive
Saskatoon, SK

The Saskatchewan Long Riders are a group dedicated to endurance riding and equine welfare. The mission of the club is to encourage the growth and popularity of long distance riding with the motto of "to finish is to win", while keeping the welfare of our equine athletes in mind. Endurance Riding is a competitive equine event for riders of all ages. It is a timed test of an individual horse/rider team's ability to traverse a marked, measured cross-country "trail" over natural terrain for 25 mile (Limited Distance Event), 50 miles, 75 miles or 100 miles in a single day.

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Phone: 306-222-0219

202 Labrecque Rd
Aberdeen, SK

Box 46 Site 715 RR7 LCD Main
Saskatoon, SK

box 741
Dilke, SK

SRHA is an affiliate of the National reining Horse Association. We are pleased to confirm that our objective continues to be the growth of the reining horse industry in Saskatchewan. Our website contains valuable information in regard to membership, the Summer Series Shows and the SRHA Stakes and Futurity show held in October. The Breeder and Trainer Director can assist you in finding horses and trainers in your area.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-961-3492

RR #5 Site 31 Box 8
Prince Albert, SK

SRCA has been operating in Saskatchewan for 55 years, with 11 Affiliate Clubs around the province. Hosting a year end finals including both western performance and gymkhana events. Where the best riders from around the province get together, with ages ranging from 3-90 years old. Our focus is to provide a fun and friendly, family orientated weekend for all to enjoy. We offer 63 classes, plus a King/Queen contest (ages 6-21).

[email protected]

Phone: 306-551-2248

Box 1
Sedley, SK

Team penning and ranch sorting competitions and clinics.

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Phone: 306-549-7677

Box 506
Hafford, SK

The Sask Valley Riding Club is made up of members of all ages that share an interest in horses. The club coordinates various riding lessons, clinics, and activities for club members throughout the year and also enjoys getting out on trail rides.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-222-8271

Box 815
Dalmeny, SK

Our club is a group of people from different age groups, learning levels, and ethnic backgrounds who have a love of horses and learning about horses. We learn from each other, club clinics, schooling shows, and planned Dressage shows judged by knowledgeable officials who critique our tests and give us feedback on our skills. We pride ourselves on being a fun, encouraging, and welcoming group to all who show interest in joining.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-861-6220

PO Box 26
Yellow Grass, SK

The Saskatchewan Working Teamsters is dedicated to preserving and promoting the use of draft animals: in farming, using traditional methods of working the land; in the safe and proper use of harness and equipment; Our goal is Keeping our heritage alive.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-886-2050

Box 220
Bjorkdale, SK

110 Greenbryre Street
Corman Park, SK

A Saskatoon club that promotes horsemanship and competition by organizing and hosting the annual Trophy Show. The club promotes the equestrian sports of hunters and jumpers through other means which vary from year to year.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-270-3216

225 Wall Street
Dalmeny, SK

Saskatoon Team Penning club is a recreational club that is open to all ages and levels of Riding and Team Penning experience. The club encourages and promotes the sport in a fun and family friendly setting. We provide Family memberships. The Penning season runs from mid-October to mid-April.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-250-7441

Box 8102
Saskatoon, SK

[email protected]

Phone: 306-441-9475

Box 415
Battleford, SK

To assist with the planning and organization of shows and clinics and to promote the Hunter/Jumper discipline in Saskatchewan.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-202-6642

3343 Caen Street
Saskatoon, SK

[email protected]

Phone: 306-740-8155

Box 155
Esterhazy, SK

Our club meets every week from November 15 - October long weekend. In the winter months we do various projects (braiding, leatherwork, saddle stands, etc.) and have information meetings to learn about Stable Management - safety, first aid, nutrition, etc. We ride weekly from APril - September and have several clinics and trail rides over the summer on weekends. We learn and take part in many disciplines/events (roping, cutting, barrels & poles, jumping, extreme trail, working equitation).

[email protected]

Phone: 306-298-2002

Box 153
Val Marie, SK

[email protected]

Phone: 306-292-8179

Box 368
Delisle, SK

[email protected]

Phone: 306-531-2116

RR#2 Site 5 Box 7
Craven, SK

Wheels and Saddle Club is an adult club only for equestrians who enjoy driving/riding for recreational sports. Members enjoy Fun-days and clinics to learn new skills and enjoy time with our horses. Club members are from Southeast Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In winter months we plan our year events.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-435-9162

Box 1025
Moosomin, SK

Established in 1908, the Yorkton Exhibition proudly hosts a number of events throughout the year. This year we have our Yorkton Hyundai Thunder in the Parkland presented by Yorkton Home Hardware, our Summer Fair that includes a variety of shows and our Harvest Showdown.

[email protected]

Phone: 306-783-4800

Box 908
Yorkton, SK